Privera - The Analytics' Anonymization Proxy

Use the tools you know. Respect users' privacy. Forget cookie consents.
Comply with GDPR, ePrivacy, COPPA, CalOPPA, PECR, PIPEDA, CASL; you name it.


PRO TIPAdd this to the <head> section of your HTML

<script src="" pe-ua="UA-XXXXX-Y" async></script>




We collect minimal data, send them to a proxy for identification and anonymization, and forward them to the service provider.


We focus on the minimum data required by analytics, and so we preserve users' privacy and prevent data leaks. Over time and as needed, we will add more data as long as we are guaranteed to stay on track (cf., notion of singling out ↗).

Both the page path and title must be free of personally identifiable information (PII). If there is any possibility of your paths or titles containing PII, you'll need to remove it.


The IP address and the User-Agent are personally identifiable information (PII) ↗ baked into the communication protocol.

To anonymize identities irreversibly and make it impossible to identify the underlying individual, we map the (api key, ip, ua) tuple to a cryptographically secure pseudorandom identifier (generated from a minimum of 384-bits of entropy ↗).

As a consequence:

As the trusted tier:





FreeFOREVER up to 10k events/month.

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Community Edition (CE)

We provide the community with an open-source ↗ (bring your own elbow grease) version. It comes serverless and is ready to deploy via AWS CloudFormation.
In this version, the entropy source is not powered by HSM.

If you like our work, please support us by adding the following to your website 😍.

Anonymous analytics powered by <a href="">Privera</a>.

Getting Started

To start sending anonymized data to Google Analytics™, add the following script tag to the <head> section of your HTML. Don't forget to set the property id you wish to work with.

<script src="" pe-ua="UA-XXXXX-Y" async></script>

The JavaScript collector is open-source ↗.